Written & Directed by

Sofia Caetano

Lead Actor & Music Composition by Elliot Sheedy

         Abram lives in a cave, on top of a mountain, his only company is a crow – Icarus. They live in symbiosis: Icarus hunts for Abram, Abram writes songs for Icarus to sing with him.

        Inside Abram’s cave is a hole on the floor, a black void avoided by Abram. A terrible link to the unknown, a deep pit that once swallowed Abram’s family.

        A certain night Icarus disappears, and Abram has a series of prophetic dreams about a colossal female crow with a serpent’s tail. When Icarus returns, she is hurt. Abram is desperate to save his only friend so he decides to go jump on the hole, in the search for help.

        Abram arrives at GLOOM, a post-apocalyptic civilization in the year of 3757. Gloomed people are dependent on a head apparatus that feeds and entertains them. The city is like a graveyard; people live inside open floor graves. The light is sparse and comes from small openings on the mountain’s top, but it must be avoided – it electrocutes with the head apparatus, causing Gloomed to die easily. They are ruled by Parnach and Darla, two siblings who control Gleam, the entertainment platform. Parnach proposes a deal to Abram: he will heal Icarus if Abram accepts to be part of a Gleam show.

  Abram, the happiest man, is looking for artists, visual artists, make-up talents, wardrobe, miniature makers, musicians and sound engineers to collaborate for the Walk&Talk Art Residence cinema project of Sofia Caetano & Elliot Sheedy.

  The Happiest Man is a sci-fi musical comedy, a feature-length epic journey that reveals the story of Abram: A caveman of the future who embarks on an odyssey to the city of GLOOM, where he will free humanity from entertainment slavery.

  If you already have experience for film or theater or you´re very passionate about learning, it´s your opportunity to jump through the hole and send your first introduction, with 2 – 3 examples of your work - images or links or youtube videos. You can use for sending your portfolio in bigger sizes.

  Please write to till 9th of July 2018.

  Audition will be on the 11th July, 2018, from 2 to 6 pm.


  Abrão, o homem mais feliz, está à procura de artistas, artistas visuais, talentos de maquiagem, figurinos, miniaturistas, músicos e engenheiros de som para colaborar no projeto de cinema Walk & Talk Art Residence de Sofia Caetano e Elliot Sheedy.
  The Happiest Man é uma comédia musical de ficção científica, uma jornada épica que revela a história de Abrão: Um homem das cavernas do futuro que embarca numa odisséia para a cidade de GLOOM, onde libertará a humanidade da escravidão do entretenimento.
  Se já tem experiência com cinema ou teatro ou se é apaixonado por aprender, é a sua oportunidade de passar pelo buraco e enviar a sua primeira apresentação, com 2 a 3 exemplos do seu trabalho - imagens ou links ou vídeos do youtube. Pode usar o para enviar o seu portfólio em tamanhos maiores.
  Por favor, escreva para até 9 de julho de 2018.

  A audição será a 11 de julho de 2018, das 14h às 18h


Teatro Micaelense

R. de São João 59,

9500-022 Ponta Delgada

We’re looking for actors, all skill levels and ages (including children), to participate in the movie The Happiest Man by Sofia Caetano. The casting call will take place on the 14th of July at Teatro Micaelense from 2 to 6 pm. If you have any questions just send us an email to, otherwise just show up. 


Estamos à procura de atores, de todas as idades (incluindo crianças) e com experiência ou não, para participar no filme The Happiest Man de Sofia Caetano. O casting será no dia 14 de Julho no Teatro Micaelense das 14 às 16. Em caso de dúvida contactem-nos através do email, caso contrário, simplesmente apareçam.