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Hallo Excentrico is excessive. It's howling! It's a transfusion!

It is "Between reality and fiction, between reality's fiction and the reality of a fiction (...)" - David Revés


Hallo Excentrico is a bilingual independent publication in a series of 40 copies. Each catalogue inludes 3 books that document the creation process, reflections, drafts, references, inventories and photographic documentations of the last two works by Rodrigo Gomes: Ultraviolet Garden (2018) and Mammographies through Satellite (2019).


Bilingual edition (Portuguese and English), inkjet print, hand-bound, 40 copies, each group of 3 books with 155 pages. Dimensions 27,5 x 18,5 cm.


Autor: Rodrigo Gomes
Text: David Revés

Translation: José Flores

Design: Fábio de Carvalho and Joana Barros


Hallo Excentrico Catalogue by Rodrigo Gomes