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a film by Sofia Caetano and slowdanger


Movement direction/choreography by slowdanger


Performers: Simon Phillips, anna thompson, Ru Emmons, Roberta Guido,

taylor knight


Music by slowdanger and Elliot Sheedy


Wearables by King Reld


LED sculpture by Projectile Objects


Camera Operation & Post-Production by The Spectacular House


Within Penumbra, characters find themselves trapped within cyclical behaviors, relationships and circumstances in an eternity

that resembles limbo. In movement and sound

we witness the repetition of their condition

and follow them through the loops they are bound to in the afterlife.

How does one break the cycle?

anna thompson and taylor knight,

are co-founders of performance entity, slowdanger.

Together, they fuse sound and movement through contemporary and postmodern dance frameworks, using integrative technology, vocalization, and ontological examination

to engage in collaborative work.

Performers manifest as a non-binary entity that is one body amassed of multiple bodies in space.

slowdanger continuously transforms

its shape to adapt to a variety

of different containers with the shared intention of providing embodied,

visceral experiences for their audiences.

slowdanger has been featured in Dance Magazine’s ‘ 25 to Watch’,

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Digital Stage,

The MoMA, The Andy Warhol Museum, Springboard Danse Montreal, Usine C,

Dance Place and more.

They were Creatives in Residence at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at CMU and Performers in Residence

at the Carnegie Museum of Art in 2019. slowdanger has received support from

The Foundation for Contemporary Arts,

The Heinz Endowments,

The Pittsburgh Foundation,

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council,

the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation

and The Opportunity Fund.

Currently, taylor and anna

are Adjunct Professors of Dance

at Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts.

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