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curated by Sofia Caetano


FLiP is a dj,

and music producer

for experimental

and electronic sounds. He is part of PMDS, an electronic act that explores ambient, experimental, and techno. Currently preparing their second album, PMDS released their first album in 2011 through the Portuguese label 

Thisco. the new album will be released on Variz. FLiP is also 1/3 of VOYAGERS, a live-act of improvised 4x4 dance music aimed for club dancefloors. In 2017, invited by Tremor Festival for an artist residency, FLiP collaborated with Rafael Carvalho, presenting an act where the traditional azorean 2 hearted guitar meets the electronic world, which was recorded live on a hand cut vinyl. On the next year the act stepped up with a presentation with Rafael's guitar students. He scored Sofia Caetano's film Coisa Bela in 2012 and BLISS in 2016. as a dj, FLiP runs from sleazy disco to techno and all in between, pursuing dancefloor happiness by presenting new tracks to clubbers while playing in all the reference clubs in Portugal and some of the mos revered festivals. He is now based in the Azores islands, Portugal, where his studio is located. 



for past residencies

video x music x art PRODUCTION 


Pittsburgh, PA, USA 

Ponta Delgada, AZ, PORTUGAL

Media Art Production House in Pittsburgh PA for creative video production and music composition / film scoring

Spectacular House, LLC. 2020

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