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  • limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.


Despite the wideness of multitimbral references in sound, western music is mostly constructed over 7 notes. It might sound limiting but it's all but that, due to all the characteristics, forms, and structures that can be given to these notes, by different instruments,resulting in an infinite amount of results. This endless palette is, on one side liberating, on the other, overwhelming, since in so many choices it's hard to choose and define the ones that work for you, in the eternal pursuit to find yourself in what you create.

For this project I chose to pick two variables and play with them, alongside with you:

   _Firstly, I picked one of my favorite forms of sound: Loops. This format is valid as music just for repetition and that makes me wonder. If you listen to scattered raindrops during a storm, they won't sound so musical, but if you isolate a timeframe of that event and repeat it, in less than a couple of loops, you will find musicality in it. If you extend that in time, you can even feel the hypnotic and mantric feel of that repetition, swirling and embracing you, transporting you somewhere else. No notes needed, no formal musical construction, no musical knowledge, just sheer repetition makes that magic happen.

  _Secondly, I give the viewer/listener the control of the loops. When they start/stop, how long they last, the volume, order of initiation and timeline. This is done by simply playing the video as a regular youtube user, however you please.

  _Finally, my vision is that the loops can never be controlled by the user equally, thus providing a unique registry in a infinite universe of possibilities, on every given moment. It is my comprehension that, time extension, as in the longer audition of one loop or fixed combination of loops, is one of the most powerful tools in this mantric infinitude. Try out different combinations, on a smooth long transition, feeling each decision affect the mood and direction of the sound pallet, being that for me, the full content of this interactive piece.

Once you fiddled all you want, if in curiosity for more, send me an email to flipcaetano[a] and I'll send you the live footage of the clips being recorded in my studio!  

This experience is improved by the use of headphones or external speakers. iPad/iPhones do not allow for multiple players so the experience does not work on those devices.